Dentistry – A Hot Topic

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4th November 2016
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Dentistry – A Hot Topic

Dentistry has been a hot topic at the surgery recently after the BBC programme “The Truth About Your Teeth” was aired .


A little sensationalised in parts but some hot topics have really sparked the imagination of our patients. The main thing that caused a gasp was the lady who stuck her tooth back into her gums with super glue. Pretty gross you all though. But many of you were impressed by the rapid transformation with the help of dental implants.

Emma and I had the privilege of being taught by Professor Chapple who featured in the show as the presenter induced gum disease on half his own mouth in an experiment. The view of the wiggly bits of plaque under the microscope was enough to make very one a little more vigilant at brushing and flossing time.

What stood out most of all was how emotional people became when years of pain, misery and anxiety were conquered quickly and painlessly with modern dental techniques. Its at times like this when we in the dental care profession feel most rewarded and realise that we wouldn’t do anything else.

If you had any thoughts on the show or would like to discuss any of the treatments featured just call the front desk on 01564 779868 and we will happily tell you about what The Dentists Dorridge can do for your smile.

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