About dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is common and affects people of all ages. There are different levels of dental anxiety, ranging from slight nervousness to a severe phobia (an out-of-proportion fear that makes you steer clear of certain situations).

Dental anxiety affects people in different ways. You may be anxious about specific aspects of dental treatment, or being in close contact with someone you don’t know very well. You may have had unpleasant experiences at the dentist as a child and are frightened that these will be repeated?

However nervous or fearful you are of having dental treatment, there are a number of things you can do to help you overcome your anxiety.

Our Phobia Friendly Team

A visit to the dentist need not be something to worry about. Emma Deacon and Will Murphy provide dental care for nervous and anxious patients in a calm, friendly yet professional environment. Emma and her team of highly trained and sympathetic assistants provide excellent standards of dental care in tranquil surroundings with an atmosphere of gentle relaxation.

We use methods of analgesia, which help to ensure pain free treatment. For many patients, this knowledge, coupled with the reassurance of a comforting hand to hold and the use of empathy is enough to overcome their fears. However, others have deeper phobias and for these patients we can offer oral sedation. Oral Sedation, as the name implies, is a safe technique that provides a sedated state.

If you require any more information or reassurance please contact the practice.

For some people, the first fear to deal with is the fear of admitting to other people that you are afraid of dental treatment and therefore may find it difficult to make that phone call. For these people we have composed a list of the most commonly asked questions with answers. Hopefully, after reading these and realising you are not alone, you will feel able to ring and make an appointment for an initial consultation.

We fully understand that this first appointment is the most difficult for you to make as you will not yet have been reassured and gained confidence in the team but please be brave and make that call- we are on your side and we don’t bite! If it’s easier, send an e-mail and we will respond.

For further information please read our guide ‘Questions we are asked by nervous patients’.