1st May 2020

How To Manage Dental Problems During COVID-19

22nd January 2020

Spotlight on Emma

3rd December 2019

Kind to the Environment Dental Care

With all this talk about the environment and going plastic free, we thought we'd give you our favourite 5 Eco-Friendly dental products. Kind to the environment and your teeth.
1st November 2019

So You Want To Be A Dentist

Dentistry is both a rewarding and challenging profession and you can look forward to a long and stable career, you can also form lifelong bonds with your patients as well as the team and people you work with. It’s an opportunity to be a valuable part of the community and make an impact. Like any profession there are pros and cons to your chosen career. After you’ve qualified as a dentist, what can you expect?
6th September 2019

Stress & Your Oral Health

We all know that stress is bad for us and we should try and avoid it but in today’s busy lifestyle it can be hard to avoid it completely, life can get very stressful as we try to juggle everything. We all know about the many stress related medical conditions such as heart disease and anxiety but did you know that stress can have an impact on your dental health too?
5th July 2019

Knocked Out Teeth, What To Do

It’s easily done, but if you had one of your teeth knocked out or was with someone who did, would you know what to do?
17th April 2019

Can Chocolate Be Good For Your Dental Health?

With Easter fast approaching you might find yourself reaching for chocolate more than usual. The supermarkets are full of Easter Eggs and no doubt at least one will find its way back home with you to be eaten over the holiday weekend and if there’s children involved there’s certainly going to be a lot on offer!
12th March 2019

Plaque & Tartar, Do You Know the Difference?

We were recently asked what the difference was between plaque and tartar and aren’t they basically the same thing. So let’s clear up what they are, how they are formed on the teeth, why you can’t have one without the other and how to prevent either of them from forming.