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4th October 2016
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Missing or failing teeth?

A common issue for many of our patients is what to do when a bridge fails or a tooth is lost. It is a cause of great anxiety for many. Modern dentistry has helped us all keep our natural teeth longer but sometimes heavily filled or crowned teeth can take no more and reach the point of no return.

We are finding that more of you no longer want dentures. Let’s be honest, they move around in your mouth and have a pretty direct association with old age. We all have to accept getting older but we don’t have to accept plastic dentures that come out at night.
Will Murphy has devoted much of his career to gaining knowledge and experience in the field of dental implants. These are tiny little posts that fix to the jawbone and can be used to hold teeth firmly in place. No more loose dentures and no more wobbly bridges or gaps.

Will holds the Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons and has now started mentoring and lecturing on his second cohort. We can safely say that he is a bit of a ‘dental implant geek’ as he reads papers, goes on courses and generally travels Europe and afar to share knowledge with other “ dental implant geeks”. His fifteen years of implant experience means that you can benefit from years of knowledge and study in the event that you would like firm fixed teeth that you can feel confident with.

Why not take advantage of a FREE CONSULTATION with Will to see if dental implants can offer you a fixed teeth solution. Why not talk to our very own Simone who has recently had a full smile makeover supported by dental implants. She will be delighted to share her (positive) experiences.

Call 01564 779 868 today for more information and to book your Free Consultation

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